“I am glad I did my Interior Design & Architecture training with The Design Ecademy, I have learnt more than I ever imagined to learn from an online course.”


What made you choose The Design Ecademy ?

After searching through many online interior design courses and getting accepted at Canberra University into Interior Architecture, I came across The Design Ecademy. I was drawn by the course format as it is in-depth and practical in the skills required to practice interior design. Each assignment promoted research and learning AND allowed me to thoroughly explore my creativity. Being an online course, it allowed me to apply my skills as I was studying and run my business at the same time. Additionally, this flexibility of study taught me project management skills as I needed to plan my study time and stick to it in order to ensure that I got maximum benefit from each assignment while completing them in a timely manner.


What part of the course you like best?

I thoroughly enjoyed the entire course and learnt more than I had anticipated. I particularly enjoyed learning about colour, history of interior design as well as learning new drawing and rendering skills. The drawing and rendering assignments were new challenges that pushed me more than any other part of the course, but I learned invaluable skills. If I had to re-do a course in interior design, I would do it with The Design Ecademy 100 times over.


Why are you studying interior design?

For as long as I can remember, interior design had always been the one field that I was deeply passionate about and it completely resonated with me. Initially after high school, I was studying accounting, but, two years into my course, I dropped it as I hated every minute of it. I started my own small painting business and found so much joy and fulfilment helping people select colours. As customer requests started growing into design consultations, I decided to pursue my true passion and learn how to design spaces that are aesthetically appealing yet functional.

Warm Regards