“Embarking on this design journey with The Design Ecademy is one of the best decisions I have ever taken. The course has surpassed my expectations in every single way.”

I chose The Design Ecademy  because the courses are accredited and offer a lot of flexibility which is crucial for me. The content is amazing – very well structured, very practical and down to the point. The workload is serious, and the work is challenging.

What I like most about this course is that it gives me all the practical skills and knowledge I need to work as a designer, but I don’t feel it is superficial in any way– I am constantly reminded of the depth and all the amazing possibilities this field offers.

I also love my tutor – she is incredibly knowledgeable, generous and supportive. Her encouragement has been a lifesaver at times, when the work gets really challenging. (Truthfully I hadn’t drawn a thing in my life before I enrolled and I have a natural aversion to geometry, so I might find it more challenging than most).

I am so happy that I get to push my boundaries and learn and get better every day, I don’t want to imagine my life without it. And I humbly admit that I have already started getting professional design work (outside of friends and family). I am now in the beginning of my second year and really look forward to seeing where this journey will take me.

I haven’t always known that I have a passion for interior design, in fact it came into my life through serendipity. When I was starting my first business some years ago I noticed that I was paying much more attention to every little detail of the interior of the place, instead of focusing on other “more important” aspects of the business. The pattern repeated with my subsequent ideas and by that point, I knew that interior design is something that I am really curious about. I felt that it is a “language” I wanted to be fluent in, but I was lacking the tools, so I decided to do something about it.