Mira Hage

Why are you studying interior design?

Studying Interior Design has always been a dream to me. I am a Law graduate but my love for design led me to start working as an assistant at an architectural firm. From then on, I tiptoed into the design world through 9 years of experience until I finally was able to start studying Interior Design and I chose The Design Ecademy…

What made you choose The Design Ecademy ?

I conducted an extensive online research to find the suitable school for interior design. I chose The Design Ecademy for the following reasons:
1- Accredited HND program by Pearson and Edexel
2- Online HND program to suit my free time
3- Affordable in comparison to other online schools
4- Online assistance available upon entering the website
5- Very helpful team ready to answer all questions and concerns from the first time I contacted them

What part of the court you like best?

I enjoyed the whole course but mostly the ones that dealt with Mood Boards, Interior Design Styles and Walls & Floor finishes