“I love everything about this course.”

I chose the Design Ecademy because I wanted to study through distance learning to fit into my life and schedule. Working full-time means I am restricted to studying evening and weekends only so needed something that would fit around that.

I visited a well-known interior design institute website to see which courses and providers they endorsed and that’s when I found The Design Ecademy. There were very few other organizations I could find which offered a recognized qualification rather than just a ‘certificate’ or similar. The fact that the course would be run by the principal was an incredible opportunity to draw on the experience and knowledge of a professional in the field, rather than just a university tutor.

I decided to study interior design as part of a career change. I have always loved beautiful homes, fabrics, ornaments, paintings, colours, wallpapers etc. And I love picking out things to make my house a home. I’ve always wanted a creative career but wasn’t sure I could get a job in interior design without experience or a qualification.

It sounds really cheesy, but I love everything about this course. The combination of technical (i.e. floor plans, elevation, measurements etc) and creative topics (e.g. mood boards, rendering, colour) is the perfect mix for me. I am the kind of person that needs variety and this course has it in bucket loads. It’s a challenge to keep up with the assignments as well as working full time but it never really feels like work.
There is so much more to interior design than I ever imagined and I love finding out more and more about it everyday.