BA in Interior Design Student, Fakhri Ibrahim Travadi

Fakhri Ibrahim Travadi


Graduate – BA (Hons) In Interior Design

Fakhri completed the HND  in Interior Design and Interior Architecture with us here at The Design Ecademy. He then went on to successfully complete the final top up year to gain a BA (Hons) in Interior Design with our Educational Partners.


Krushna Kumarsinhji Town Hall in Bhavnagar City

Restaurant Conversion Project


Fakhri now has his own Interior Design business in Kuwait servicing both residential and commercial clients. Have a look at one of his major projects Krushna Kumarsinhji Town Hall in Bhavnagar City.

Town Hall – Fine Dining Restaurant


Colour Palette


Inspirational Ideas


Sketching out ideas



Structural Preparation



Proposed Ground Floor Layout




Current Layout

Final Design Concept


Extravagant Lighting


Main Entrance – Before


Main Entrance – After

More Lighting Concepts




The Foyer


Upper Level Seating


Design Detail



Split Level Dining


LED Video Wall Elevation


LED Wall Concept


Transformation of the Main Entrance







More Elevations













Ground Floor Reflected Ceiling Plan


First Floor Reflective Ceiling Plan


Space Planning







Fakhri Ibrahim Travadi – BA (Hons) Interior Design Graduate

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