Graduate – BA (Hons) In Interior Design

Fakhri Ibrahim Travadi

Fakhri completed the HND  in Interior Design and Interior Architecture with us here at The Design Ecademy. He then went on to successfully complete the final top up year to gain a BA (Hons) in Interior Design with our Educational Partners.

The knowledge I gained while pursuing HND helped me step my feet in self-employment, I recently completed a Bachelors degree & I look forward to doing masters in interior design and develop my work in the further.

Fakhri now has his own Interior Design business in Kuwait servicing both residential and commercial clients. Have a look at one of his major projects Krushna Kumarsinhji Town Hall in Bhavnagar City.

Below is the story about my academic and professional journey :-


After finishing my school, I enrolled for a bachelor of commerce course. Myself being an artist, it was a wrong choice for me and thus I left the degree in between and enrolled for a 2 years  certified course in 3D animation in advance cinematic. I thoroughly enjoyed it and finished it with a top grade from a private institute in India. Due to family needs and requirements, I left India and came to Kuwait to live with my parents. After arriving to Kuwait I immediately found a job as a 3d Visualizer in an interior designing firm in year 2005, since then I was being associated with several architects and interior designers and rendered their vision by producing realistic 3d views for interior/exterior.


During this period, I developed a keen interest in interior designing and decided to educate myself in it. I had planned to take a break from work and go to India to pursue my further studies but then over the internet I found about The Design Ecademy and after evaluating its credibility I decided to purse a distance learning program, HND in Interior designing. By not disturbing my professional life, it gave me an opportunity to study on my own pace and at my convenient time. I dedicatedly finished HND, learnt a great deal of designing knowledge with the help academy manuals and and the very supporting tutors who were always prompt to reply my queries.

On the completion of HND my job status increased and  I was promoted to the position of Interior Designer. After being employed for a while as an Interior Designer, I decided to go on my own and be a self employed interior designer. The knowledge I gained while pursuing HND and the PR which I built during my work tenure, helped me step my feet in self employment.  Initially I only did designing projects but then gradually I started to deliver design and built jobs and formed a team of contractors. In year 2015, I enrolled for a Bachelors degree which I recently completed. At present, I employ 2 administration staff and a team of labors for the site work and run a designing firm in Kuwait with the name of IDC-Interior Design Consultants I feel proud and I am thankful to my creator for this opportunity bestowed upon me. As a future plan, I look forward to do masters in interior design and develop my work more further.

Krushna Kumarsinhji Town Hall in Bhavnagar City

Restaurant Conversion Project ( Click on images below to bring you to view Fakhri BA project portfolio)

Town Hall to Restaurant